Welcome to IFRS Boutique

IFRS Boutique is run by two seasoned business executives.

Chris Ragkavas, is an accomplished IFRS Technical Expert,
acting both as a practitioner and an educator in the fields of financial reporting, corporate finance and strategic performance management.

Dr. Constantine Kiritsis, is an innovative entrepreneur,
keynote speaker, author, and educator.

What we do

We enjoy a long-standing presence in international markets and an ongoing cooperation with renowned global entities, amongst which, most of the top 10 global accounting firms, and corporates of the same caliber. We have the pleasure and honor of assisting our customers reach their strategic goals and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards and related rules and regulations.

We have a long-standing proven record of repeat business with major audit firms and corporates which appreciate our state of the art and no-nonsense approach in financial and business consulting. We offer our services in more than 10 countries, in Europe and Asia.

In terms of IFRS application, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by our ability to both interpret the standard within the context of the transactions at stake as well as relate its application to the overall business goals of the entity.

Current issues

IFRS standards.


Through our multidisciplinary background, we consult entities at various levels and fields of interest.
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